Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Baby Shower

This past weekend, Janice and I went to Tyler for my first baby shower. It was alot of fun and more then what I expected. The shower was with my parents friends and my highschool friends. We took my 4runner to the shower and it was packed after loaded all the gifts. I think there were around 40 people there. After the shower, we took time to double check the list and get any duplicates to take back becuase we do not have a Babyrus here. After everything was repacked we took another trip to babyrus and ended up getting the car seat and stroller with my gift cards. My car was packed. I have other pictures but they are on my mother's and mother in laws camera. I will post later. Here are a few that I got on my camera.

This are the presents after we check everything off.
Due to my husband being a hunter we ended with a blanket and a little hat with camfalouge on it. I am sure with his famliy we will get more camflouge.
Honey and Pops picture with me before the baby gets here.
My dad and I comparing bellys. I think I won.

I will try and get more pictures this week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I just wanted to write down how today is going? Have you every had to cancelle a class due to the roof falling in from a water lickage. Today when I got to school, it looked like a toronado had gone through it. The roof was caving in ,with tile falling and sheet rock falling. I felt unsafe being there. The kids toys were all wet and had sheet rock in it. The carpet was wet and smelled like meldew. We decided to go ahead and cancelled school due to the saftey of the kids. I hope that was the right decision. The parents didnt seem to be mad at all. Then I was sent home due to pregnancy safety. They didnt want me in the room with everything smelling and falling. Sometimes I wish I could stay in help. Well I just thought I would let yall know to see if you had any experience in that sisuation.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

This past weekend I spent the day and night with Michael's mom, brother, sister-n-law and their two kids at sivler dollar city while Michael was with my dad in Texas.

Silver dollar city was really pretty with their fall directions as shown in one of the pictures belowe. It was nice day not to hot not to cool. However, there is not alot to do for pregnant women. The only ride I rode was the train. I wish I could have done more. I did eat and drink their frozen lemonades. That was best the part.

Julianna and Brooks enjoying the frog ride.

Fall pumpkin Tree

Alex and Janice before going on a rollercoaster ride.

Janice is scared of riding a rollercoaster.

The ride.
This is the american plunger. I would of like to go on this ride.
Brooks enjoying Silver Dollar City

Watching the Hillibilly show on the train
Julianna earlier christmas present. SHH! it is a surprise. Do you think she will remember it at christmas.