Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sad day in Arkansas

It was a sad day in Arkansas today. The razorbacks have lost there first SEC tournament game of the season to Alambama. The most fun part to the game was the tailgating before and after the game. Here are some pictures from the game. I hope we can overcome this lost of the game and win next weekend to Texas.

Hurricane Ike Hits Fayetteville AR

Last weekend Hurricane Ike took a tool in Fayetteville, with high winds and flood warnings. The winds woke me up around 12:30 that night to a pole following over in the backyard. After that I couldnt go back to sleep becuase of the winds. It sounded like the wind was coming inside the house. That next morning, we went to church and on the way back we notice that are bridge into are neighboorhood was flooded and the golf course. This area has flooded several times but I havent gotten to take a picture of it yet. So i decided to take pictures becuase the hurrincane hit several states. The pictures of belowe are the stongebridge golf course and the bridge on Dead Horse Mountain.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This year has been a busy year already with school. Here is a picture of our prek class at the beginning of the school year. Our program started on August 20th with eight prek students. Now, we have 14 students enroll in our classroom. These kiddos keep me pretty busy. We do have a great classroom. This picture is from a Manners Tea Party that we celebrated after teaching them manners.
I seem to be really busy this year. I think I have a total of three jobs and being pregnant at the same time. I am teaching during the day, tutoring a homebound student from 3-4 and then I do SKC from 4-6. I get home around 6:30 every evening. I still feel great though. It amazes me. I cant wait tell pregnancies..

Arkansas First game of the year !

On Labor day weekend, the hogs had their first football game of the season. It was alot of fun getting back into the spirit of football. I always try and take pictures of the first game. I didnt get any pictures of us but I tooks some of the A. My mom also got to eventure the game with us. She had a great time eventhough it was a long day with tailgating and the game. We both were tired and hot.

Here is one picture of the A

and the other picture of the A
Then the lovely pictures of the flyby. This michaels favorite part. He would love to fly in one of those.