Monday, November 30, 2009

Mason First Birthday

                                                              Happy 1st Birthday Mason!
For Mason birthday party we had a barnyard theme. It turned out really cute. I had a cake from Harps made like a farm. We had a food table that had farm food on it and hand made table clothes from my mother. Mason had 34 people at his party and enjoy watching the Hogs play LSU. I wish we would have one though. Mason got lots of clothes and a few toys and books this year. I thank everyone for coming.

Singing Happy Birthday too ME !

Mason enjoying the green icing instead of the cake part.

Mason loves playing with balls now. He also started to crawl on his hands and knees. He is now getting into everything. He is a very smart boy. He can find ways to put things in and out of things and has learn to pull one knee up to climb on a push car.  He also has four teeth on top and two on bottom. I cant wait to see what next month brings us.

First Thanksgiving Dinner

We had our first thanksgiving dinner at my parents house in Texas. Daddy was hunting so we decided to make the six hour trip by our selfs. Mason did really good in the car.

Mason enjoyed his sweet potatoe cassorole that Aunt Sue makes everyyear and greanbeans. He ate a couple bites of turkey but didnt care to much for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!