Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at the Ferguson Home

Last night we had our christmas with Michael's family and Janice's brother family. It was alot of fun. Mason got a little people airplane, pretend fish bowl with fish in it, humiflier, clothes, and books. From Aunt Alex and Uncle Joe he got a Thomas the Train ve tech toy station. He also got, a busy box from Philip and Linda. Mason enjoy his gifts and being passed around. The Jacobs family only see him once a year.

Christmas 09 at the Leifer's Home

This year we spent Christmas at my parents' home in Texas. Mason had a good christmas. From Santa, he got a barn fun house, a rocking horse, stacking blocks, and ball popper. He also got a moving pegiun from Uncle Cody and Aunt Leah and from Aunt Lori, he got a driver toy. He loves all his toys he got this year.

My Uncle always comes for christmas. This is his first time to meet the new belonging in our family. He meet my cousins new son Jonathon who is eight months old and he meet Mason. He was thrilled as you can see in the picture.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

Mason enjoyed meeting Santa this year. Each year the McNaughton Realtors, hold a breakfast with Santa. Last year, Mason was the youngest one there. He made the cover of their book. This year Mason was excatly a year and two weeks. This christmas is going to be really fun!