Monday, January 21, 2008

New Years Eve 08

This year we spent alot of time in Texas over the holidays. One of are adventures to to Texas was for the Cotton Bowl on New Years Day. We dediced to go down on Sunday and come back after the game. So are New Years Eve was an eventfully one. First we went to eat at Spaghettie Warehouse at the West End. That was some really good food. I was impressed and so was everyone else. We then went to Grubs Party at Gilley's in Dallas. This was an Arkansas party,but I saw several Tyler/Dallas friends there like Anna and Robbie. It was great to hang out with Anna and everyone else. We ended up leaving the party before midnight to go back to are hotel bar. It was crazy. There were so many Razorback fans everyone from Gilley's to our Hotel. We ended going the wrong way on the Dart. I thought we were going to spend new years eve on the dart. About ten minutes before new years eve we sneak in the bar at the hotel because they were not letting anyone else in but some of are friends were waiting on us. It was a mad house. I was glad we got there before midnight though. Michael and I made it through midnight and then finally we went back to our room for some rest. The next day was the Cotton Bowl it was a fun game but the Razorbacks didn't play well at all.

Newer at Blogging

This year I am going to start blogging. I am not sure what I will blog but hopefully it will be something that you would like to look at.