Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Half a year old !

Today, Mason is six months old. I cant believe he is a half of a year old. This time has flown by.
Mason loves to roll all over the place. He loves to smile at everyone. He loves to hold toys in his hands. He also loves his baby food and cereal. He loves to watch people espically little kids. His new discover is noices that he didnt know how to make. He started reaching for his dad when he comes home from work. Mason is a very sweet and quiet boy. I have loved every moment I get with him.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dirty Sox !

My husband and his cousin Chad coach a travling called the Dirty Soxs!. This past weekend the played a tournament in Alma. and ended up winning the champsonship game for the weekend. They are a really good team.
Team Photo

Mason and the twin girls are the Dirty Sox mascots. They are two weeks apart from each other. They will be great baseball friends.

At Honey and Pop's House

After the wedding, mason and I went to Honey and Pop's house for the week. Michael drove back to Arkansas by himself for a week of good sleep. Here are a few things that we did at Honey's Home.
I meet my second cousin, Jonthan Green, he is two weeks old in this picture.

I learned how to balance myself.

I love to roll over both ways.

Just me smilling.

Mommy feed my carrots for the first time at Honey's Hom

My Brother's Wedding

On May 9th, 2009 my brother got married to a wonderful women named Leah Grigsby. They got married in Saledo, Tx. Michael, Mason and I drove to Tyler the night before and got up the next morning in drove to Saledo with my parents, lori, and Aunt Sue. She fits into our family very well. We all enjoy being around her. Here are a few pics from the wedding. We had a very good time at the wedding.

I dont know if you can tell but this is Mason and his daddy before the wedding, relaxing on a hammack

The family shot at the wedding.

At the rehearsal dinner, with Leah, Cody, Lori and me.

The happily married couple.

This is Mason at the end of the wedding. He was exhausted and hot.

Friday, May 1, 2009


This year our azeleas really bloomed. We have pink and red ones around our house. They are really pretty. I wanted to take a picture to share because this is the only year they have bloom since we have been in our house.

Newspaper Fun!

Sunday Morning, we read the newspaper together in bed before church. This sunday Michael decided to see what mason would do with a newspaper in his hand. He loved it. He enjoyed cruppling it up. He wore the newspaper out. He played with it for about 30 minutes. Mason also turned Five months on the 29th.

Leslie Baby Shower

Last weekend, Laura, Mauree, Jennifer and I hosted a shower for our friend Leslie. She is having twins in July. I wanted to share the pictures of when I was pregnant and her picture. I hope you enjoy. Good Luck Leslie !

Leslie picture.

My pregnant picture pose.

Our group of sorority sisters that we cherish as friends.