Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mason Ten Month pictures

Mason turned ten  month yesterday. These are a few pictures from this month. He is a growing boy. We have two teeth now. Eat about anything and army crawl all over the house.  I love him very much..

Mason and I takening a picture togther. He actually smiled by himself to the camera.

Mason enjoying riding in his stoller with Cambry pushing him.

My little Razorback.

Hogs Vs.Georgia

This is a picture of the Jumbo Tron at the game. Go Hogs! Even though we lost the first game.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Girls Night Out !

This past Thursday, was our girls night out! each month a group of my sorority sisters that still live in NWA area get together for a night out. We always have a good time sharing stories and things that have been happening to us. This month we went to Fast Lanes in Lowell and went bowling and road goat carts. We had a blast. Here are picture from the event.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mason turns 9 this month!

Mason turns nine months this month. I cant believe he only has three more months untell he is One years old. I need to start planning his party now. Does anyone have any suggestions on themes for a first birthday? let me know please.
Mason loves to be moble. He is a wiggle worm. He also loves to wave bye-bye and shake his head no no. This month Mason got his first tooth. He can also do the army crawl and rock back and forth on his knees. He is a very sweet and happy boy. Momma and daddy love you very much!