Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 4 Months Mason!

I cant believe it but my son is four months old. He is a very happy boy. He loves to smile and be held by his friends, cousins, parents, honey and pops, nana, and neighbors. He is well loved not spoiled. Ha ha ! I have some pictures of things he enjoys doing while he is with his momma.
Mason is just learning to hold his head up while he is on his tummy. He can also hold it up when he is looking around or on my side.

When we got back from Texas mom and I decide to try out the Bumbo. He loves sitting in it.
Mason also loves to put his hands in his mouth. His right hand he puts his thumb in his month and on his left hand he puts his two fingers in there. He gets them all slobbery and wet.
He loves his raddler that Honey gave him. He can hold in his hands but he cant grab it yet.
These are just a few things he likes that I have taken pictures of. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I learned to do at Honey's House

At my parents home, Mason learned to watch TV. He was fascinated by it. Dad tried to get him to hold the remote but I didnt get a picture in time.

Mason didnt know what Pearl was. He just kept on starring at her trying to firgure it out. Same for Pearl.However, Pearl did a good job watching over mason.

Sip and See

This past week ,I went to my parents house in Tyler Texas. My parents want to be called Honey and Pops. My mother, flew up here to help us drive home for the first time. She was a great help in the car and at home. I love it when my mom comes in visits us. I got to stay in Tyler for a full week. While I was there my mom threw a sip and see for her friends to come see Mason. It was alot of fun. Thanks Mom ! Here are a few pictures that I enjoyed at the sip and see. By the end of the party I think Mason was hold by 35 people. It was a great party.

Earl and Baby Mason. He really enjoyed seeing him. He kept on wanting to put him in his crib. Earl is my parents best friend grandson.
Here is Libby holding Mason. I was there kids babysitter.
My mom's best friends Toni holding Mason.

Aunt Sue and Mason.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rolling over part 2

Here is the other side.

Rolling Over on left side

Today at tummy time, we rolled over on both sides. I just had to capture the moment. Here is his left side.

Michael and Morther-n-laws Birthday

On February 19th, I rearrange a birthday party for Michael 30th and his mothers 59th. There birthday are actually on the 21st but we wanted to do it early. With his family and his friends we had about 40 people there. It was alot of fun. I think they had a good time too. Here is a picture of them by there cookie cake.