Monday, June 16, 2008

Week 14 of being pregnant

I just wanted to event out about this week 14. I thought all things were suppose to get better in the second trimester of your pregnancy. I think I am just the opposite. This week 14 has been the hardest week I have had yet. I know it is gross to say but I have been vomitting alot more and gagging almost every day. It is a rountine out of my day. I have also had an earache. I cannot hear out of one of my ears. I was just waneted to see if anyone else has had trouble like this when they were pregnant. If you have let me know. I have called the doctor to see if there is anything I can take or do to get ride of it. I dont like the feeling of vomitting and gaging. I know that is probably just pregnancy. I am also going on vacation next week and I would like it to be gone. Please give me suggestions. I will keep letting yall know how my weeks go.
Back in April, Michael and I took a trip to Arizona to see his Aunt and Uncle. It was a great getaway. Michael actually let his Aunt take some pictures of us on this trip. Usually I just get one picture of the two of us when we go on vacation. I really like his Aunt taking pictures. This trip was so relaxing and fun. One day while the boys went to play golf. His Aunt and I went to a spa for the day. I got a mother to be massage. It felt really good. We had a good time. Here are some pictures of the trip. Sorry it has takening me a long time to put this on.

This was in Scottsdale.
One night we went to SAN TAN FLAT. It was a neat resturant and dance club. The tables were outside by a big fire stove. There was also music going. We did not go to abotu 8:00 which 10:00 our time. I was very tired.
This is just the sign of the resturant

This picture is an Elk in front of a bank. I thought it fit michael just well.
This is a resort where we stop and had ice cream and look at camal back mountain.

This cowboy is holding up a sign where we shop one day.

Michael and I resting from shopping.
Rusty spurs is a famous bar. We were too earlier for dinner so we just took pictures.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I am having a baby !

In April, we found out that I am having a baby. It was all surprised to us becuase we have been trying for along time. We have been to several doctors appointments to make sure the baby is inside me. About two weeks ago we saw the heartbeat and then went back in at 12weeks in heard the heartbeat. It all is looking pretty good. I have had my ups and downs. The biggest thing is my appetite. I am not eating very good. I havent really gotten any morning sickness. and I am on my second trimister already. The baby is due in Decemeber. That is our newest news this season.