Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Late Valentine's

Happy Valentine's day! Our son is 11 weeks old today. He has captured his thumb.

First play date

Last week, Mason had his first play date with his friends Silas and Sadie. Mauree had us over at her house for play and lunch. It was great to get out of the house and talk to adults. From left to right: Mason 10 weeks old and 9 lbs, Sadie is 5 weeks and 15 lbs, and Silas is two weeks 6 lbs and8 ounces. These three are going to be great friends.

Monday, February 9, 2009

We had a fun weekend this past week. My family came up for Mason Baptism. My mom got to come a couple of days earlier then everyone else. My dad, sister, brother, and soon to be sister-n-law came up on Saturday. We showed them campus and all the damage by the storm. I told them it is much prettier in the fall and spring and when there is know tree damage. Then that evening we went and ate at Does stake place. It was delicous. Thanks Dad!. The next day was his baptism at the chuch followed by a nice breakfast at Ellas. We had a busy and fun weekend. Here are a few family pictureas. Mason baptism pictyresa will com later

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9 weeks old

Today, our son is nine weeks old. Yesterday we went for our 2 months check up. He weighs 9 lbs and is 21 1/2 inches long. The doctor was really impressed about his gains. I thought these pictures were cute of him. he is trying to smile and he is without a pacifer. He is a very good baby.

Superbowl 2009

This year for the superbowl, we had everyone over at our house. It was alot of fun. Here are a few picture that i took of our guest and the kids that were there.