Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Last Baby Shower

On Sunday, my sister-n-law, kristi, sandra, and kathy gave me and baby Mason a family shower. I had a wonderful time at this shower too. Mason got lots of neat things. The table was decorated really nice. Here are some pictures of the table, grandma pictures and hostesses pictures. I hope you all enjoy as much as I did. I had a great weekend with all my friends, family, and employees. Each shower meant something special too me. I cant wait to share it with baby Mason. Now on to finishing thank you notes.

Baby Shower 4

This past Saturday my great sorority sisters threw me a baby shower too. It was so special to me. I really enjoy it. We have all stuck together since we have graduate the UofA. I do cherish each and everyone of you. Thanks so much for being a great friend. I cant wait for Mason to meet yall. Here are some great memories of the shower and great sorority poses with it.

Baby Shower 3

These are some pictures of what Mason got at Michael's work baby shower. This was great shower too. He got lots of clothes and goodies. The only shower that Michael went to that week. He also got michaels favorite outfit for him which where overalls and a camo shirt. I am afraid Mason will be a hunter just like his dad.

Baby Shower 2

The teachers at school decided to throw me a baby shower. I really did appericate it. I did not know they were up to something untell they started to ask me dates and guess list. It was a great turn out. I think it was the fasted baby shower I have every been to.. Here are some baby gifts that baby Mason got. He will enjoy using. Thanks so much! I had a great time.

Painting the Horse at the NWA Florist

I have always wanted to paint the horse at the NWA Florist in Fayetteville and this past weekend I got the chance to do that with the Junior League. I only painted a couple of strokes but it was fun. We painted it for our upcoming fundraiser Winter Dreams which is held December 7, 2008. If anyone would like tickets please let me know. The final picture of the horse is not on here but it looks great. Please drive by too get the final look.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Baby Mason wanted to dress up this year. He was the great pumpkin.

Baby's Room

I just wanted to show you some pictures of the baby's room. It is getting close to time. We still have lots to do for the baby. Hope you enjoy!

These are gifts that havent been put together or placed yet. Like, the stoller, highchair, and swing. They will be all put in good use though.