Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Pic 2010

My easter outft and basket.dye from the Easter Eggschocolate from the eggs

Spring Break 2010

This year Mason and I went to Texas for Spring break to visit my parents. He enjoys visiting with Honey and Pops.He also got to see his Aunt Lori, Uncle Cody, Aunt Leah, and his step cousin Jonathon. He loved standing  in the island at my parents house. He also firgured out how to get in the cabinets in the upstairs bathroom. He also started to walk on Spring Break. I have a video of that but cant firgure out how to post it yet.

Pops and Mason
I also  got to see some of my highschool friends. The three of us all have kids now and they are all boys. This is Jennifer in the picture with her baby boy Andrew. I also got to chat with Katie. We had a good time. We will half to do that again.